Why PartnerHere?

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Reason Number One

I believe PartnerHere is foundational to a whole new era for the global economy. It started out as a simple idea… which was to create a place to find a like-minded partner to help you start your business.

Most of us are more daring, more committed, more likely to follow through on an idea or task when we have a partner. It’s why we hire personal trainers and have study buddies. It’s easier to flip a house or clean the garage when we have someone to bounce ideas off of, and to help us with the heavy lifting. Our partners motivate us when we just don’t feel like working. To put it simply, two heads are better than one and many hands make light work.

When the 2008-2009 recession hit, many of my friends were laid off. Knowing that I am a serial entrepreneur, they came to me to see if I wanted to start a business with them. One wanted to start a closet company, another wanted to flip houses. My son wanted to go into the fireworks business. I didn’t really have any interest in any of those businesses. They were all fine ideas, they just weren’t for me. That’s when I realized that we needed a place on the web where people with ideas for starting businesses could come together and find other people who shared their passions.

As we discussed it further, we realized that these newly minted entrepreneurs would also need accountants and attorneys and mentors and coaches and office space or manufacturing space, and supplies of various kinds. They would also be offering jobs and gigs for things like logo design or website building. They told me they wanted to share things like delivery vans or a piece of equipment that they only needed occasionally. They also said that they had contributions or donations for the community like books, courses, knowledge, used office furniture and more that they were willing to donate… and that’s how PartnerHere was born. We believe it is the best place on the web to start and grow your business…

But wait…there’s more!

All of my friends had one HUGE restriction. They had little to no cash. They were unemployed. Even those who had cash wanted to hoard it for what they perceived as the rough times ahead. They wanted to start their businesses with as little cash as possible. They were looking for alternatives to cash.

They wanted interns who would be willing to work in exchange for quality work experience. They wanted great sales talent who would be willing to work on straight commission. They wanted programmers who would get a piece of the company rather than an hourly wage. They believed that employees and partners who were actual owners of the company would be more committed to the company and its success than a paid contractor.

So PartnerHere is designed to support all kinds of deals and all kinds of alternate compensation. If you have piles of cash, you don’t need PartnerHere. You can go to LinkedIn or Indeed and hire all the talent you need. If you have cash, you can buy whatever you need from Amazon or Alibaba.

But if you are the typical cash strapped entrepreneur with a huge dream and a skinny wallet, PartnerHere.com is the perfect place for you, because we hope to attract the true entrepreneurs who have the skills and determination to build something from nothing. I have always been a died-in-the-wool bootstrapper who believes that if you have the right idea, your customers and potential customers will fund it. You can start all kinds of businesses without cash. But you still need people, ideas and support and that’s why PartnerHere was created. We want to be the best place on the web to start and grow your business… without cash! We are here to help you unleash your greatness and make your dreams come true. Happy Partnering!

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