Education Matters

Education Matters

I believe if you want to be a successful entrepreneur you must be in a constant learning posture. The world is changing faster than any of us can change so by definition, we are all falling behind. The way to keep up is to keep plugging into books, courses, online resources and people who are experts in their chosen field. I believe one of the greatest business shortcuts…I hate the word hack because it sounds nefarious…is plugging into someone who knows what you don’t.

You don’t need to learn to program if you can partner with someone who does. You don’t need to learn corporate finance or law or accounting if you can partner with or hire or barter with someone who does. Instantly, your company now knows what they spent a lifetime learning.

Our plan is to build a huge learning portal as part of PartnerHere. We are gathering experts in every facet of entrepreneurship and personal development to share their expertise on our platform because we believe that education matters. We want you to be able to find everything you need to start or grow your business on PartnerHere.

We will have over a hundred hours of courses once we launch and more coming every week. If you have expertise and are willing to share, we want your articles, blogs, videos, courses, infographics, coaching and whatever else you are willing to share. If you want to sell courses on PartnerHere, you can do that, too.

My mother and father were college professors and I grew up learning at the dinner table every night. I’m a huge believer that we are all works in progress and that we should never stop growing. I’ve just written two books called Leaders Are Readers and Learners Are Earners that will be available on PartnerHere and Amazon very soon. In Leaders Are Readers I tell several stories about how a single book changed my career and made me millions. Books, courses, coaches, mentors and education have the best ROI of any investment you could make.

Please know that if you are part of the PartnerHere community that learning is a HUGE part of our culture so let us know what you want to learn and we’ll try to provide it for you and if you are willing to share your wisdom, we welcome you with open arms because we believe that education matters!

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