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Discover PartnerHere – Reinventing the way deals get done.

How does PartnerHere Work?

  1. Join and complete your profile so others can find you, your skills and your offers
  2. List your projects so others know what you are working on and how they can help
  3. Search for whatever you need to take your business to the next level!
When you sign up for a PartnerHere membership, you upload your profile with the parameters you are comfortable with so others can find you. Things like location, compensation, work experience, etc. You can also upload a project to find others to help you with your business or project. For example: you are a freelance graphic designer and are looking for new clients. Other members who are looking for graphic designers can easily find you to work out a deal.

What can I do with my PartnerHere membership?

Tons! As a member of PartnerHere, you are able to list all of the services you provide so you are able to find new clients and partners. In addition to offering up your services, you can list projects to find others’ services.

  • List all of your products and services so you can find new customers and partners
  • List the projects you are working on so others can provide resources
  • Search for whatever you need to take your business to the next level
Here are some creative ways our members use Partnerhere:
  • Finding a developer who is willing to work for equity only
  • Renting vacant office space to an attorney in exchange for contracts review
  • Exchanging social media services for bookkeeping services
  • Find a co-founder to start that business you’ve been dreaming about
  • Listing a full-time marketing position for equity and cash
  • Hiring consultants for success fees
  • Renting out a van that isn’t being used on Thurs, Fri, Sat or Sun to a moving company that only operates on the weekends
  • Bartering website development to a yoga studio for free yoga lessons as a gift for a girlfriend
  • Finding a part-time salesperson for commission only
  • Listing 2% of equity for a well seasoned sales executive to be on the advisory board of a new startup
  • Listing a board position for a non-profit
How will you use PartnerHere creatively?

What makes us different?

Why spend hours at networking events, hackathons, meetups, coffees and more - trying in vain to find the right people, resources or partners when there is a much more efficient way? PartnerHere brings together people who want to work creatively to make deals happen and move their companies forward. PartnerHere isn’t a job site, bartering site or another social network. PartnerHere is a new way to do business.

If you’ve got a great idea, amazing skills, or just want to get involved - PartnerHere delivers the expertise and resources you need to bring your ideas to reality. Partner up with cool people, who are having a blast, while making a positive impact on their businesses and communities.